Local Wineries (Benalla)

Pick up from your assembly point at 10:00 and travel via the Lake Mokoan Rd to the Taminick area.
Our first winery will be Booth’s Taminick Cellars where we will not only partake of some great wines but will in all probability be entertained with some stories of the area.
Auldstones is the next stop and we can recommend lunch here in the tasting room or under the veranda (own cost allow approximately $14 ). More great wines to be tried at an unhurried pace.
Baileys is a well known winery and is our next stop. The tasting room features a pot still for brandy production for the fortified wines that this vineyard is famous for and is a relaxing place to finish our tour before returning to Benalla. “This tour is also available as a day trip from Melbourne”

More Wineries

Auldstone Cellars Established: 1987
Location: Booths Road, Taminick, via Glenrowan.
Winemaker: Michael Reid.
Important Varietals: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sparkling Shiraz, Muscat.

The original winery was planted in the 1880s by Robert Cox who died on the property in 1909. The winery was subsequently bought by Baileys who held it until the mid 1980s. At that stage the winery had no permanent irrigation supply and was producing yields which were not considered commercial by the large winemaker
. It was put on the market and purchased by Michael and Nancy Reid in October 1987.
Be most impressed by the quality of the reds on display here,

Booths of Taminick Established: 1887
Location: Booths Road, Taminick, via Glenrowan.
Winemaker: Mr Booth.
Important Varietals: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon.
Personal Comments:
These are wines in the traditional North-East Victorian style; big, hefty wines that cry out for a few years in the bottle and then a piece of the best red meat you can find. They are high in alcohol, high in tannin, high in flavour and very low in price - Cliff Booth has seen some 65 vintages at the winery and appears to be laconically hanging on out of love for the life.

Bailey's of Glenrowan Established: 1870
Location: 8 km from Glenrowan on Taminick Gap Road. The Hume Highway bypasses the town these days so you have to enter the township and then follow the signs. Winemaker: Stephen Goodwin.
Important Varietals: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat and Tokay..

Recent Releases worth considering: Classic Hermitage 1993 - big and heavy Shiraz style. Bailey's went away from this style in the 80s for a while but it has now made a very welcome return. This is the style you have to drink with a knife and fork in ten year's time. Anything less is just infanticide. Winemaker's Selection Cabernet 1991. Winemaker's Selection Shiraz 1992 - made from vines planted in 1904. 1920's Block Shiraz 1992 - made from vines planted in 1920s. Winemaker's Selection Muscat and Winemaker's Selection Tokay - these almost defy description. Founder Liqueur Muscat and Founder Liqueur Tokay - if you can't afford the fifty or so dollars for the Winemaker's Selections of these styles then the Founder series will not let you down.

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