Philip Island (Penguins)

This tour can vary depending on the interests of the passengers.
Discovered by George Bass in January 1798 and with a permanent population of about 7500 Phillip Island is a pleasant 2 hour drive from the centre of Melbourne. This tour leaves the city after lunch and heads of down the Monash freeway. (Your guide will tell you of the importance of Sir John Monash).

The Cranbourne Meteorite Display is our first stop. This display commemorates the meteorite shower in the area with replicas of the fragments. The originals, the largest about 4.5 tonne, are in museums around the world. Leaving Cranbourne we also leave suburbia and pass through market gardens and flower growing areas, pass through the village of Tooradin and stop at Caldermeade farm. Caldermeade is a working farm with a rotary dairy capable of milking over a hundred cows an hour with two staff. The café does an excellent afternoon tea. Onto the Bass highway (everything seems to be named Bass around here) we are soon crossing the bridge onto Phillip Island.

We stop at the wildlife Park where you will have the opportunity of some close encounters with all sorts of Australian wildlife. Are you game to feed the cassowary? Leaving the Wildlife Park we will have a look at Cowes, the main town on the Island, before heading for The Nobbies. We may be lucky enough to see the seals before we take the drive along the cliff tops to the Penguin parade.

The Parade is one of Victorias most popular tourist attractions and has been drawing visitors since the 1920’s. The penguins cross the beach at dusk so the timing for different aspects of the tour depend on the time of year. Dinner (own cost) may be before or after the Parade. Your guide will discuss suitable venues.
The tour finishes with the drive back to Melbourne.

Tour costs 2009:-
Includes transport, driver/guide, entrances to wildlife park, penguin parade and afternoon tea at Caldermeade Farm.

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