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Australian Hi-Light Tours is a small friendly privately owned company run by Neil and Iris Allan. Neil and Iris have owned Australian Hi-Light Tours for approximately fifteen years. In this time the company has been serving the seniors market with accommodated coach tours to all parts of Australia. We have a family association with an English Conversation School (Victorian ECOS College ) and as such do tours day trips and transfers for the mainly Japanese and Taiwanese groups that attend the college.
The last eight years has seen more emphasis on the inbound market mostly concentrating on private and small group day trips and tours.Through our membership of Tourism Alliance we were part of the City of Melbourne's cruise ship program running day trips for passengers for the past six years and still cater to the 60 plus cruise ships that come to Melbourne each year.

Bus and Coach Charter

Apart from our own vehicles (7 passengers and 19 passengers) we have access to vehicles up to 38 seats and arrangements in place to charter coaches up to 48 seats. We also have a close working relationship with several other tour operators to ensure that you receive the best tour to suit your interests"


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